Furniture Re-Upholstery Service

Re-upholstery will bring life to your old furniture.


Any type of good quality furniture with a sound frame is worth investing in. Older furniture, from our grandmothers, generally tends to be of better quality. The combination of old-school excellence and modern materials will bring style and beauty to your home.


Re-upholstery service is more than changing the fabric: it includes stripping off the old fabric, fixing the frame, joints and springs, before applying the padding and new material.


Furniture re-upholstery is usually done with the combination of down-and-feather cushions and foam. The foam will hold the shape, while down-and-feather will provide the comfort. When you are doing upholstery repair, ask for the 60 % down to 40 % feathers ratio, as it is the most comfortable, longest-lasting and easiest to maintain.


When choosing the fabric, keep in mind that all of them behave differently and they will stretch. Therefore, it is better to pick simple or no patterns. Our experts will work alongside with you to choose the best material and ensure product quality and your satisfaction.