Custom Draperies and Curtains

Curtains and drapes are the simplest change you can make in your room to completely redecorate and liven it up.


At Next Design, you can choose from the finest selection of custom drapes online. Next Design’s team of experts will collaborate with you to find the ideal combination of curtains and drapes for your windows or drapes for sliding glass doors. Together, we will transform your space to feel like home and make you enjoy every minute spent in it.


Our thinner materials will give away a youthful vibe, while fuller and thicker fabrics irradiate maturity and elegance. We have a huge selection of light, minimalistic, sleek curtains and drapes, and a variety of brighter, eye-catching colors to fit any room and brighten your home.


We use the best quality, long-lasting materials. Our advice is to go for stylish patterns to achieve the evergreen look or combine two colors with one of them dominating. Nevertheless, our custom-made drapes will bring the original vibe to any room, making it utterly unique and memorable.