Custom Awnings

Custom canvas awnings are ideal for gardens and balconies.


By getting one of the custom awning covers you ensure the maximum comfort while hanging out in the garden with family and friends.


Having awnings on windows and doors will save you money, as the temperatures in rooms with windows and doors covered with awnings are up to a few degrees lower – this means less air conditions, less electricity and less money.


Next Design’s retractable patio awning is easily adjustable and can be opened and closed on demand. Traditional patio awning is, on the other hand, designed to constantly stay open and protect you and your furniture from sun, rain and snow.


Retractable awning may not fit all types of windows, but our team will create custom awnings specifically designed to fit your needs, according to the type and dimensions of your windows.


Next Design’s custom awnings will contribute to the exterior of any apartment complex or hotel balconies and gardens. They will provide a peaceful place for your guests to dine or simply relax while protecting them from atmospheric conditions.


Our awnings are wind and weather resistant, and made of the best quality materials to guarantee you a reliable performance.