What Are Contemporary Window Treatments?


Contemporary window treatments can change the look and feel of any room, or your entire home, almost instantly. Depending on the type of fabric you choose, the style, accessories, and hardware, you may be able to upgrade any room for a low cost and minimal labor.

Not only that, but changing your window coverings to include more contemporary window treatments is a fun and simple way to give your home a fast facelift.

Are you ready for an easy DIY home upgrade? Try updating your window coverings to include more contemporary window treatments. If you need a few ideas or a source of inspiration, here are just 6 of the most popular types of contemporary window treatments on the market.

6 Best Contemporary Window Treatments

  1. Cellular Shades
    These blinds are also commonly called honeycomb shades. Ultra-stylish and functional, they are purposefully designed for energy efficiency. Able to protect what’s inside your home from the elements including heat and extreme cold, cellular shades offer additional insulation and protection from light. Due to the innovative honeycomb design, you can still get natural light without unnecessary heat and damage to electronics from UV rays. The unique filtering cell shades were made to let a little light in to reduce TV and computer glare. These shades are the ideal choice for media rooms and come standard with a cordless lift system ideal for families and child safety. Choose from the top down/bottom up, motorization, room darkening, or blackout cellular shades.
  1. The Woody
    Faux wood blinds have a rustic appeal, but for a fraction of the price of real wood. More affordable than other options, faux wooden blinds are attractive contemporary window treatments available in many styles. Easy to clean, these blinds are moisture resistant and durable even against humidity. Plus, nobody can even tell they are faux!
  1. Roman Shades
    This option is one of the most common DIY options for contemporary window treatments. Because Roman shades are generally available at a lower price point than traditional curtains, they are preferred above classic pleated or folding shades as well. Available in a range of color palettes, patterns, textures, fabrics, and colors, they can also help you design any room you choose. Customize Roman blinds to blackout a room, filter light or just darken it. Selecting the style is easy once you decide that Roman shades are the right contemporary window treatments for your home.
  1. Matchsticks
    These delicate blinds make you feel like you’ve traveled to the Orient. The roll-up blinds allow a small amount of natural light inside through tiny slits that also bring through the air for a light, breezy feel. Available in honey color, two-tones, and other stylish colors, these bamboo blinds are very popular in sunrooms and other spaces where natural light shines. Constructed from organic woven bamboo matchsticks, they are also optimal for small spaces.
  1. Sheer
    When you love natural light, you want to let it in. Use sheer curtains, shades, and other contemporary window treatments to add what is lacking in any room. Sexy and subtle, sheer window coverings come in every color imaginable and add an elegant touch to any room.
  1. Tall
    When you live inside a small space every inch counts. Look to the ceiling to create a feeling of more room in any space. Setting the rod higher than the window’s top panel and using a combination of contemporary window treatments, including matchsticks, may help to create the look you want. Other ways to make a small room feel larger include choosing a bold color to bring a pop of contrast into your space.

Choosing a Contemporary Window Treatment

Shopping for new items to upgrade your home is fun! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make this simple change, and the options are limitless. While these are the 6 most popular contemporary window treatments, there are literally hundreds of single and combination designs to choose from.

Make any room in your home bolder, softer, or more cozy and comfortable, by using a unique window covering that is just your style.

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