Types of Exterior Window Treatments

Types of Exterior Window TreatmentsThe best exterior window treatment ideas come from inspiration that captures your attention. Each piece of your home tells a different story about your lifestyle. But what if you want to showcase something new? Exterior window treatments are one of the easiest DIY home upgrades, and they are less expensive than you may think.

Wondering which is the best style for your home?

Here are 8 best exterior window treatments:                                                                  

  1. Wide Frame

The type of window casing that works to deliver a contrast, unlike any other, is known as a wide frame. This type of casing is a versatile style that brings a unique look to all types of homes. Use them to draw attention to your mobile home, add a simple modern look to your townhouse, or clean up the existing style of your home. It’s up to you!

  1. Awnings

Window awnings are an ideal way to protect your home from decay caused by inclement weather. Harsh weather can take a toll on the clean, classic look of your home, and it can also tear apart the protective barrier of your mobile home. Known to be one of the most effective ways to protect windows during harsh weather, awnings work on all types of homes.  

  1. Planters

There are many different window treatments that include planters. Depending on the type of window and frame you have, the types of window planters will vary.

Use fresh flowers, herbs, and evergreen shrubs to create a shape and style that showcases your green thumb. The beauty of growing plants outside your windowsill is that not only do you get to enjoy them but the neighbors do, too!

  1. Sliver Shutters

Barely their shutters are a sleek way to upgrade your windows. Using these exterior window treatments in any size is also a way to create contrast with a neutral color or a pop of the cheerful color of your choice. Ideal for people who desire an exterior accent with minimal effort.

  1. Accent Color

If you want to breathe life back into lackluster windows – just add color! You can use any color you like to update an old color palette, add a hot pop of contrast color or darken tones to fit a new design theme. No matter what the function, adding an accent color to your exterior window treatments is a simple, fast, and inexpensive way to change things up.

  1. Shades

exterior window SHADESThese can include a variety of exterior window treatments. Shades are the most popular styles of exterior awnings:

– Fixed Aluminum

One of the best ways to stop the sun from penetrating your window panes, this type of awning is protective from damaging UV rays. These DIY-friendly exterior window treatments ideas are ideal for those seeking to protect their home from the weather.

– Bahama

Also known as Bermuda shades, these beloved patio shades are one of the easiest to install. DIY dream shades are ideal for people with secure top tracks already in place above the exterior window. Light lovers rejoice – these shades let it all in.

  1. Roller Awnings

Using fabric as an exterior window treatment works both electrically and manually. Unroll them from the tube for a self-supporting cover. Ideal for one, two, or three windows, there is a clear downside of using roller awnings and it is the need for replacement due to deterioration.

So, be prepared to replace this type of window treatment regularly.  

  1. Sun Screen

Using a variety of materials including fabric, metal, wood, and other plant materials, rolling sunscreens are one of the least expensive ways to protect your home from sunlight and maintain exterior window coverage.

One of the most exciting aspects of upgrading your home with window treatments is that you can do the work yourself. If you are looking for a DIY way to increase the curb appeal of your home, try one of these top 8 exterior window treatments. Inexpensive and generally easy-to-install, each exterior window treatment offers a new way to look at your home.

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