What are Light Filtering Curtains and Blinds

light filtering curtains and blinds

Are you looking for privacy while still being able to enjoy your beautifully lit home? Light filtering curtains or blinds may be the perfect fit for you.

Light filtering window treatments are made of semi-opaque materials and do exactly what the name says – they limit the amount of light which comes in, letting the natural light come through, and protecting your room from curious views and harmful UV rays.

They limit unwanted light and keep your home cooler, hence helping you save on the energy bill. Additionally, they protect your furniture, wooden flooring, and carpets from fading out due to long-term sunlight exposure.

Light filtering curtains

Light filtering curtains are semi see-through, fabric curtains which let you combine elegance and privacy. They are perfect for living rooms and offices, as they reduce the glare, allowing you to watch TV or use the PC not bothered by reflections on your screen.

Light filtering blinds

Light filtering blinds feature veins or slats, which rotate horizontally or vertically to control the light, making them a good choice for rooms with changing luminosity. When they are completely open, to let the maximum light in, they stack to the top of the window. When they are closed, they let in a small, soft amount of light.

They have holes in all of the slats, which hold the cords controlling the blinds. These holes allow you to adjust the amount of light coming in.

Light filtering shades

Light filtering shades are made of softer fabric and do not have slats, unlike the blinds. They come in different opacities to let in more or less light and achieve the desired effect. With shades, you can choose between diffuse warm light and complete blackout.

Privacy control

Light filtering window treatments sound great so far, but you may be concerned if they will expose you to unwanted stares from your neighbors. Can you see through light filtering shades at night and is your privacy compromised? Short answer – no at daylight, yes at night.

Though during the day people will not be able to see in your room, as the light coming from outside is blocked, during the night, when your lights are on and the light is reflected from the indoors, people will be able to see inside.

At daylight, your light filtering shades will allow a peak of your shaded room, but only if the nosy person stands right in front of your window and glares at the right angle. Let’s face it, nobody sane is going to really do that.

The disadvantage of light filtering shades is the lack of privacy at night when your lights are on. This is easily solvable with a pair of curtains which you can close at night, and which will help frame your window and room at day. Next Design has a variety of curtain types, and you are guaranteed to find the one which goes hand in hand with your shades.

Light filtering window treatments are a perfect fit for living rooms, kitchens, and spaces where natural light is desired but glare and privacy need to be controlled.

Light filtering window treatments are extremely versatile and available in multiple styles, so they are easy to combine with all types of interior decor. You can select the right mechanism, material, and color to both enhance your room aesthetics and achieve a desirable effect. They come in traditional but also sleek and modern styles.

Feel free to ask the Next Design’s friendly team of designers for advice, if you need help with finding the perfect window treatments for your home.

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