How to Properly Measure for Vertical Blinds

Handyman measuring window for vertical blinds.
There are several ways that you can provide your home with a fresh new look that won’t cost a small fortune to do so. New window blinds are one of the easiest ways to bring a new updated look to your home from the inside, and they can provide much more than just a makeover.

A lot goes into the process of choosing the right blinds for your home, and Next Design is here to help you figure it out.

If your home has a sliding glass door, you will want to pay close attention because measuring and knowing how to install vertical blinds on a sliding glass door can be a little tricky. Picking out your new vertical blinds is the fun but measuring correctly for installation is absolutely crucial.



Here is a quick rundown of how to measure for vertical blinds for sliding glass door:

The advantages of choosing vertical blinds are:

  • Available in numerous colors
  • Various materials to choose from including fabric, wood or vinyl
  • Styles and shapes to give different appearances
  • Extremely affordable option for sliding doors
  • Most are very durable and will last for years
  • Vertical blinds offer great versatility for shading options
  • Energy efficient blinds help keep cool air in during the summer and cold air out in the winter

How to measure for vertical blinds:

  • First, you are going to want to measure (to the nearest 1/8 of an inch) between the outermost points of where you want the windows to cover. Take measurements at the top, middle and bottom of the frame to account for variances in construction.
    • Most experts suggest extending the area that your blinds will cover by 1 ½ inches on either side to provide ample light coverage.
  • Second, measure the height of the window between the highest and lowest points, remember that the blinds should not touch the floor in order to allow proper functioning. Take a few measurements along the frame in order to account for variances in construction.
    • Take the smallest of the above measurements in order to fully account for narrow parts of the window frame.
  • Finally, take your measurements to Next Design to place your order for exactly the type of blinds you want that will fit your sliding door window perfectly.

If you are wondering where to buy vertical blinds for sliding glass doors, head over to Next Design.

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