How to Measure Your Windows for Draperies

How to Measure Your Windows for Draperies

Every now and then you might find yourself itching for a change of design when it comes to your home. That’s natural and one of the fun parts of owning your own place. However, a complete makeover might be out of the budget but don’t worry; there are several design elements that you can add or change in your home to make a big impact.

One of the best ways to bring about a large modification without changing too much is by adding new drapes in your home.

Window treatments are one of the easiest ways to tie a room together, add dramatic touch of elegance and not break the bank. If you possess even the slightest amount of handiness, measuring for your own draperies can be super simple.

Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure that you get the best fitting window treatments possible to help you create that new design look you’ve been craving.

Important Thoughts

Before any measuring or deciding takes place; you should consider the different aspects that draperies involve. Some of the important things to consider when choosing your drapes are:

  • Amount of privacy
  • Light/climate control
  • Ventilation
  • Energy efficiency
  • View
  • Design

Once these important aspects have been decided on, the next step in the process is actually measuring for your drapes. In three simple steps, you will have the correct measurements for your windows and be one step closer to your desired new décor.

Gather Your Tools

While not many tools are required to do the job, the right ones will definitely make it easier to accomplish. All you need is a pencil, paper and a metal measuring tape. Why a metal one, you might ask? Fabric or flexible tape measures can drape causing measurements to be off.

Aesthetic Choice

There are several styles of drapes that you can choose from. For example:

  • Rod pocket
  • French pleat
  • Inverted pleat
  • Grommet
  • Rod pocket with loop/rings
  • Many more

Choosing your hardware (rod) comes next. There are several choices out there to fit your exact design ideas. Even the way that the drapes are connected to the rod will need to be decided on.


Learning how to measure for draperies is quite simple and starts with deciding on how long the drapes should be. This decision ultimately depends on the mood you are trying to create. Formal drapes often puddle on the floor (we suggest adding 2-4” to your measurement for this). Most drapes are long enough to cover the baseboard.

Measure from the top of the window frame to the top of the floor/bottom of the baseboard and add 6” because to create a professional look, it is ideal to mount the rod 6” inches above the window trim. The rod should also extend 3-4” beyond each side of the window frame as well. Measuring for the width of your drapes should include outside trim to outside trip plus 4” extra on each side.

Type of mount

Some windows have unique trim or allow for an inside mounted rod that creates a sleek, modern look. If you decide to do this, take your measurements from inside left trim to inside right trim at three different points on the frame (top, middle, bottom) to ensure that your drapes will cover the widest part (sometimes widow frames shift in shape or settle).

If you opt for a more traditional look, outside mounted hardware is the way to go. The steps outlined above in Measuring are for an outside mounted rod.

There you have it. Simple, easy steps for measuring for the perfect drapes. The hardest part of this process is deciding on the look that you want but we can help at Next Design. We have been serving Miami for over fifteen years and continue to provide exceptional, personalized services for window treatments. So come down to our 2,000 square foot showroom and find the perfect window treatments for your next home makeover. Visit for more information.


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