How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug Color

How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug Color

Area rugs are popular for more than one reason. First, they’re practical additions to the hard floor like hardwood floors providing a soft place to land for your feet or for a child’s crawling knees. They also provide comfort to otherwise hard surfaces due to the multitude of textures that are available for any design palate. Thirdly, they look great! Area rugs are practical, yes, but they are also accent pieces in rooms and can bring a theme or design together from room to room. Consider it your fluffiest art piece in a room

With all the perks of area rugs, it might seem daunting to figure out how to choose the right area rug for the living room, bedroom, bonus room and so much more. Read along and feel confident when it comes time to purchase the perfect rug for your home.

How to choose an area rug color?

There are many elements to choosing the color of an area rug to consider. First, it is important to consider where you are putting the rug. Unless you, your friends and family are the cleanest human beings on the planet, it is probably best to not choose a light color or white area rug for an area that gets a lot of foot traffic or where food can be spilled. Choose darker colors or patterns for rooms where you might be concerned about getting dirt or foot on the area rug.

For other rooms, you’ll want to consider the design of a room. For areas that need a little pop of color, choose rugs that have more going on than just a solid color. If you have a room that needs an accent piece, choose something busier and fun.

Think about your floor plan and arrangement

The way a room is arranged can take away from or enhance a room. Measure the room and the rug to figure out what will work for your room based on some of the most popular arrangements we have listed below.

    1. The Classic Layout – In the classic layout your chairs or couch are against a wall and there is plenty of space to fill for an area rug. The classic layout can be used for those regularly square rooms. The area rug you choose should be large and hit the edge of your couch or chairs. This layout is particularly popular for living and family rooms.
    2. The Unique Layout –  In the unique layout, you will have chairs and couches that aren’t touching walls and instead of floating around a room. Choose a rug for this room that is larger than most and will fit directly underneath your floating furniture. Like the classic layout, this layout formation is popular for living and family rooms. 
    3. The Dining Room Layout – Measure your dining room and leave room for 2 feet on each side of the dining room table. You absolutely want a more narrow rug for a room so it doesn’t feel swallowed up by the rug you choose. Again, consider a pattern and dark tones for a dining room so you aren’t constantly deep cleaning. A rectangular shape is great for a formal dining room and makes sure the rug is least 8 feet wide.The Dining Room Layout
    4. The Bedroom Layout – You can get really creative in a bedroom, choosing an area rug for the center of a room if the bed is against a wall or choose a rug that will go directly under the bed with space on the side for your toes to hit. Alternatively, runners can be used on either side of the bedroom as well. Depending on the design of your room you can use dark accent colors or warm, inviting textures to provide a centerpiece for the room.

How to pick the perfect texture

There are many different textures to choose from. Choose a rug that has the right durability and thickness depending on the floor underneath, the functionality you are choosing as well as the foot traffic the room will receive. For hallways with high foot traffic, you will need a more durable rug while bedrooms can take the feet a little better with thin materials and textures.

Here are some popular materials:

  • Wool
  • Woven natural textures
  • Tufted
  • Cotton
  • Overdyed/Distressed rugs

It might seem like there is a lot to consider when choosing a rug, but rest assured that your intuition generally knows what will work best in a room. Solid, patterned, distressed, overdyed, whatever your style is, make it work for the room you’re designing.

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