How to Choose Roman Shades for Your Windows

How to Choose Roman Shades for Your Windows

Window treatments are one of the most essential ways to add a personal touch to the interior design of your home. One of the most attractive styles available today, Roman shades are a sturdy yet soft fabric covering for glass windows. Regardless of the style of your windows or the type of framing, there is a Roman shade for that! You may not already know about the many types of Roman shades there are to choose from.

What Are Roman Shades?

There are a lot of different ways to cover your windows. However, you may not know what Roman shades are. In fact, they are one of the most stylish types of window coverings for both classic and modern homes.

No matter what the interior design style of your home is, you can integrate a specific style of Roman shades into every room. You may need a little help deciding what type of window shades are right for every room. You can find the right style here, but first, you will need to settle on a fabric.

With so many styles to choose from, the right kind of fabric makes a BIG difference. So, first consider which direction most of your windows are facing, the amount of lighting your windows receive, and how much natural light you want to allow into your home.

Which Style of Roman Shades is For Me?

There are more than just a few different styles of Roman shades to choose from. Here are the 6 most popular types of Roman shades to shop for:

  1. Plain Fold

Oh-so-vanilla, this type of window covering is anything but plain. However, the simple fold of the plain style of Roman shades makes the dropdown look of the shade really pop.

  1. Soft Fold

For a rippling effect down the window, look for a soft fold style. The Roman shade fabrics that work best with this style are light and billowing. So, have some fun here and let the sunshine in!

  1. Flat Fold

Looking for a more industrial look? This flat fold Roman shade may be just your style. Using a thick fabric like denim or even ultra-light bamboo straws can create a Roman shade that fits just right with your home.

  1. Swag

A softer look is one that drapes down with more swag. This is a type of look that you can capture here, with a double taper and a more delicate appeal. Use this style of Roman shades to add a touch of texture to any window covering.

  1. Relaxed

A traditional look of a window drapery, the relaxed look of this type of Roman shades is very popular. Because it is so versatile, the gentle slope and hanging texture of the fabric makes a relaxed fit a good feel for any room in your home.

  1. Tie

Using tie-backs is a classic style for any type of window covering. When this polished look is applied to a Roman shade, it can take on versatile purposes including adding texture, shading the room or blacking it out. Use bows, rope, twine, and even transparent line to hang the tie Roman shade.

Which Style of Roman Shades is For Me

What Size of Roman Shades Do I Need?

If you decide on Roman shades as the right type of window covering for your home, you still need to find the correct fit. Here’s how to measure for roman shades:

  • Measure

Use a measuring tape to get the exact dimensions of the window you want to cover. Roman shades can be fitted to any size, but you will need to know ahead of time what the windows measurements are.

  • Shop

Once you get to an indoor décor store or are online in a marketplace where you are comfortable, you can start shopping. Start a search based on the measurements you took of the windows you want to cover. Then you can choose from the fabrics available or pick a custom fabric that works better with your own personal preferences.


  • Fit


Take the Roman shades that you purchased and use the hardware to fit the shades. Once you have them properly fitted you can start to see the benefits of these unique yet traditional looking window coverings.

Roman shades can be integrated into any type of home décor you dream of. So, consider these tips on how to choose Roman shades for your windows, and enjoy shopping for the most popular style around.

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