How to Get Bumps and Wrinkles out of Area Rugs?

area rug wrinkles

Whether you just inherited that antique rug from your grandmother or you decided to purchase a new area rug from a dealer, chances are that at some point in the process of delivery and transport the rug developed some creases, folds or bumps.

Depending on the size of your rug, it may have been barrel rolled to ease with delivery and transport. The creases that you see when it is finally unraveled again are caused by the foundation yarns being stretched when folded or rolled.

Most people will tell you not to worry and they will release over time but if you’re like me, seeing a creased rug drives me crazy. The good news is that there are a few tricks of the trade that you can try to help accelerate the process of getting your rug to lay flat like it was intended to do.

Here are the top ways on how to get bumps out of area rugs:

Reverse it

Perhaps the simplest way to undo the creases or rolls of your rug is to back roll or fold in the opposite direction. This counteracts the creases/rolls and helps them release back to their normal structure.

CAUTION– if you hear cracking, stop immediately because the back is most like dry rotted and you are doing damage to the rug.

Use some weight 

Placing heavy items along the creases or rolls can really help speed up the process. Books are usually the best option because you’ll have a lot of them in your home and they are dense.

Waiting game

Unfortunately, if you have a stubborn rug, it may take a few weeks of patiently waiting for the rug to return to its natural shape. If you live in a humid climate, this may help speed up the process.

Let it shine

Place the rug upside down, outside and in the sunshine for a few hours. This will help reverse the yarns that have been stretched. If nothing happens, the rug will be much more pliable to try reverse rolling/folding as mentioned above.


If you are able to get your hands on a carpet steamer, that might be your best bet. If not, there are professional rug and carpet cleaning companies that can steam clean the rug or truck mount it on an air table.

Stick it down

double-sided carpet tape can do the trick. You can find this at your local hardware or carpet store. Apply the tape to the crease and stick the other side to the floor. The tape works well on hardwood or wall-to-wall carpeting.  


one final option you could try as a last resort is taking it to a rug or carpet store and asking them to stretch the rug slowly. Sometimes this is necessary to reset the yarn fibers and undo the creases or rolls.

While dealing with a bumpy rug can be an extremely trying process, there is hope. Hopefully, one of these suggestions work for your rug and in the future, you will know how to get wrinkles out of area rugs.

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