Best Window Treatments for Skylights

Best Window Treatments for Skylights

Skylights add natural light, let fresh air in, save on energy costs, and add an aesthetic value to your home. However, they can present a challenge when it comes to choosing window treatments.

Skylights often do not need covering, but adding window treatments will make them more energy efficient, provide privacy, and light control.

Though skylights are often installed to provide additional light where windows are not an option or not sufficient, they heat up the room by letting the light in. In winter, you want to conserve this extra heat and save energy, while in the summer it is preferable to block the sun rays that make your room warmer. Skylight window treatments can both heat up your home and keep it cool.

How to Choose Coverings for Skylights

In order to choose the perfect coverings for your skylight windows, you should consider:

  • Orientation and position of the window –  which side are they facing, and how much light there is.
  • Window type – ventilating, fixed or tubular.
  • Size, angle, and depth of the casing – some window treatments may be unfit.
  • Your interior design – skylight coverings should complement the room and match other window treatments.

Benefits of Covering Your Skylights

Even though you are only wondering how to cover skylights in summer, and your goal is blocking heat from skylight windows, you shouldn’t neglect the aesthetic appeal of window treatments. They can contribute to adding a more modern or comfortable feel to your home, depending on the style you decide to go with.

Covering your skylights blocks sun rays, and reduces heat by 80%, therefore cutting energy costs by as much as 25%, since you need less energy for cooling. It also provides privacy, reduces storm noise, and furniture fading from light.

Benefits of Covering Your Skylights

Types of Skylight Window Treatments

Different types of skylights require different materials, based on the purpose, and the room they will be placed in – it makes a big difference if you are looking for insulation or privacy protection in a humid bathroom.

You should stay away from metal materials in the bathroom to avoid corrosion and a “short lifespan”. Choose fabrics instead.

  • Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a discrete and elegant option for skylights. They can be blackout or translucent.

        Blackout blinds are designed to block out the sun, ensure privacy, protect your furniture and carpets from fading, and save energy.

        Translucent blinds will diffuse the bright light while still providing good illumination.

They can be manually operated or using solar energy, without any wiring or installations, powered directly by the sun.

  • Venetians

Venetian blinds provide full control of the amount of light you let in your room. By rotating the slats, you can block or let in as much light as you wish.

  • Shades

Skylight shades are designed for windows at an angle. The best skylight shades provide light control, insulation, and privacy. They come in 2 options:

Pleated shades allow a bit of light to pass between the pleats, creating a dimmed atmosphere. They come in top-down and top-down/bottom-up models.

Cellular shades provide insulation by trapping the air between them and the window. Cell sizes come in a variety of options.

Your needs and preferences dictate the type of skylight window treatments you should install. Pick the best coverings for your windows based on visual appeal, the amount of light you want to let in, and the necessity for insulation.

You can explore our website for ideas, while Next Design’s team will gladly help you choose the best window treatments to fit your requirements. Reach out to us, today!

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