6 Types of Area Rugs for Your Home

living room with area rug

Decorating with area rugs is a fun way to liven up your interior design. You can use all types of rugs including a range of textures, patterns, and shapes on hardwood flooring of all kinds and wall-to-wall carpeting. It’s up to you how you want to use the types of rugs available to create a space within your home that you truly love and feel comfortable in.

Choosing the right rug for any room is easy when you have a professional interior designer to help make your vision a reality. However, if you want to try decorating with area rugs as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project – don’t worry. It’s easier than you think!

How To Choose the Best Area Rug for Your Home?

Interior design experts already know that choosing an area rug means using these steps:

  • Creating a budget
  • Measuring the room
  • Finding places to shop
  • Being honest about the bottom line
  • Considering variations
  • Showing flexibility
  • Making a decision

When you are ready to tackle this to-do list, continue on and decide which type of rug is right for you.

Which Types of Rugs Are Most Popular?

Figuring out the perfect fit for your area rug is simple once you have completed the to-do list. Follow your creative eye and use these 6 types of area rugs for your home as a starting point for your next shopping spree.

Most Popular Types of Area Rugs for Home Design

If you want to try decorating with area rugs as a fun DIY project, check out these most popular styles. Then you can chat with a professional interior designer to find out which types of rugs work best in each space.

Six Most Popular Types of Area Rugs:

  1. Needlepoint Area Rugs

    This is a warm, homey style that works well within many different décor themes. Use a hand-stitched look to accent simple color palettes, hardwood floors, tile, and even wall-to-wall carpeting. There are many intricate designs, patterns, and delicate elements that a needlepoint area adds to your home within every room, or just one or two.

  2. Shag Carpeting

    You don’t have to love retro styles to sink your feet into shag carpeting. The ultra-soft threads come in short and long styles, including everything from Scandinavian wool to knotted strands for a rich texture that you can cut to any size. Decorating with area rugs is one of the least expensive DIY projects because you can cut any size to fit your custom needs.

  3. Cut Pile

    This style is similar to shag area rugs because the texture includes an amount of height. Regardless of the measurement, a cut pile shag area rug includes straight cut fibers. Easy-to-clean, these types of area rugs respond well to vacuum cleaners but are also prone to fraying damage.

  4. Loop Pile

    This type of area rug can be made from larger carpets in any size. Durable and less prone to fraying, it is an ideal throw rug for underneath furniture or high-traffic areas. Offering traction underneath your feet, a loop pile area rug is also popular with people who might slip and fall on hardwood flooring, or in places like the stairs.

  5. Cut & Loop

    This is just what it sounds like: a combination of the cut and loop style weaves in one area rug. Depending on the size of the rug, you may notice the cut and loop works together to create pattern or color designs.

  6. Flat Weave

    This updated version of an Indian blanket is based on a lightweight weave with a texture. The flat style of the rugs is globally recognizable, making this type of area rug ideal for high-traffic places like the hallway, entryway, kitchen, and under rolling chairs. Other places you can use flat weave rugs include anywhere cotton, wool, jute, or silk throw rug look appealing.

Call the Next Design offices to get professional tips on how to tackle your next DIY project. You will learn more about choosing the perfect throw rugs that work with your existing flooring to create a space you love.

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