10 Ways Windows Design Can Change House Interior

10 Ways Windows Design Can Change House Interior

Windows are one of the key features in a room that greatly affects the look of an interior. Their aesthetics details, such as color, are crucial when it comes to interior design, while they also have an impact on a general feel of spaciousness and comfort of the room.

Many people think interior design starts after the home has been built, but the size and position of the windows vastly impact any room design and functionality.

Here are ten ways how window design can actually change the look of your interior:

More Natural Light

Natural light brings warmth to every room. It not only influences the visual appeal of the space but also affects our mood and sleep quality. Bright rooms make us happier and give a vibrant, positive feel of the space.

If you are in the construction process of your home, take into consideration the orientation of your house – how the sun moves, where most light comes from, which rooms you want to have more natural light (usually the living room and study), etc.

The orientation of your home should also have an impact on size, placement, and house window design. If you are facing north, large windows are a good choice, while you should choose smaller windows for south-facing walls.


Framing the View

Windows help you capture the perfect view outside for your home. Large windows offer interesting and modern concepts which enhance the interior design.

Creating More Privacy

Windows connect your room to the outside world as well as allow strangers to see inside of your personal space. Interior window design – the size of windows, placement, and window treatments affect both room privacy and design.

You can restrict the curious glances by placing small and high windows in rooms where privacy is needed but a lot of light is not necessary. Whereas for rooms you want to be bright and illuminated, roller shades or draperies are a functional, stylish solution.

Window Treatments

Window treatments can completely change the room design. They control the amount of light that is let in, create privacy, and color the whole room. Window treatments are THE component which makes the room feel cozy and warm or sleek and modern.

Illusion of Space

Windows can create an illusion of space, especially in combination with draperies. Letting in a lot of light enlarges the room. Additionally, the key is to put curtains as high as possible to elongate the space and create a sense of openness.

Color and Mood

The amount of light directly dictates the colors in your room. Avoid dark colors if you have small windows or limited illumination.


Windows have an enormous impact on where you will place your furniture and artwork. For some rooms, big windows will complement the space, while in some cases it is more practical to place skylights and clerestory windows, leaving valuable free wall space.

Windows as a Visual Point of Interest

Different configurations of windows’ shapes and sizes have a vast effect on the design of your room. Bold architectural designs make windows the actual artwork and contribute to room aesthetics.

Energy Saving

Window placement directly affects how much the windows will heat your room. You do not need to worry about window size being too big and losing heat since, with good isolation, the options are endless.

The amount of heat that is let in is proportional to window size in sunny areas. Window treatments to control the heat can be a framing addition to your space.

Furniture Choices

The amount of light in your room controls furniture style. Go with bright furniture for dark rooms and counteract with black to make the light pop, by creating contrast.

If you want to increase the amount of light, strategically place mirrors to reflect the light around the room, and scatter it with white colors.

If you are looking for innovative ideas to redecorate your home, and accentuate your interior with windows, feel free contact Next Design’s team for advice on creating a perfect home for you.

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